Seeing as I'm not someone who incessantly binges new television shows when they are released, instead preferring the traditional method of one/two episodes a night, I find myself progressing through Luke Cage slowly but surely.  However, I did want to share my initial thoughts on one of Marvel's most hotly anticipated projects.

My initial response to the first episode, and the second episode as well, was one of unrealised promise; while the show boasts a strong cast of characters, particularly in the titular character of Luke, the initial two episodes felt very plot heavy, and I believed they faltered under the weight of introducing pretty much all the major players of the series, including the show's primary villain - Cottonmouth, played brilliantly by Mahershala Ali.  

This decision to introduce all the shows leading characters so early on has, I feel, hindered the show.  I was particularly struck with a feeling at the end of episode two that Luke's character had been left shortchanged in his own show.  It was particularly strange to watch considering that this character has already played second fiddle to Jessica Jones in her self-titled series, so to see the character relegated from centre stage was a little disappointing.  I think the show would have benefited from the Daredevil /Jessica Jones approach, by holding off on introducing its primary villain until the fourth or fifth episode in favour of exploring Luke's character and motivations more intimately.

On the positive front, the show looks and feels amazing; the use of music and lighting, in particular, stands out viscerally in the opening two episodes, further helping to distance this show in both look and feel from its predecessors Daredevil & Jessica Jones.  At no point during either of the opening two episodes did it feel like I was watching Luke in an episode of Jessica Jones, and that's a testament to the world-building done by the show's creators.  

The new characters introduced also seem excitingly interesting and complex, and worth following over the course of a thirteen episode series, particularly the aforementioned Cottonmouth, but also detective Misty Knight, played by Simone Cook, who keeps the tradition of strong female characters in Netflix's corner of the MCU persistent.  It seems highly likely based on the first two episodes that Misty Knight will join Jessica Jones, Elektra, and  Claire Temple, in the pantheon of strong female comic book characters.

In conclusion, I feel that Luke Cage has the potential to be a great television show.  My primary criticism of the opening two episodes is a lack of emphasis on Luke as a character.  Where Marvel's other Netflix shows triumphed in giving us complicated and complex central heroes, and I know Luke is one of those heroes, I'd just like to see it explored a little more.  Apart from that, I enjoyed the opening two episodes, though not as much as Jessica Jones or Daredevil, but it's still early days, and I plan on judging the series as a whole once I've finished watching it in its entirety.

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