---Spoilers for Season 3 of BBC's The Fall---


You know there is nothing worse then watching something you love fall apart before your eyes, and that is exactly what happened during season 3 of BBC's The Fall.  To say the show lost the run of itself would be an insult to shows like Twin Peaks, which truly lost the plot, and yet maintained a charm during its decent into madness; season 3 of The Fall was just tedious viewing, which is such a shame because I really enjoyed the first two seasons of the show, while acknowledging that the show had overstayed its welcome by the end of season 2.  Certainly by the end of season 2 the show seemed to approach a kind of natural conclusion, and yet, in March 2015 we learned that the show would return for a third season.

Now, I wholeheartedly ascribe to supporting a creator's vision, and knowing that creator Alan Cubitt has returning to helm the third season gave me a sense of confidence that the show was not merely returning due to its popularity, and particularly the popularity of Jamie Doran.  Believing, as I do, that signing up to a television show is the same as sitting down to reading a book, where you lose yourself in the author's creative vision, for better or for worse, I felt obligated to give the show the benefit of the doubt; and yet, two episodes in season 2 I felt entirely justified in my earlier opinion regarding the fact that the show should have ended with Paul Spector dying at the end of season 2.

Having recently finished season 3 I asked myself the question: Why did the show return at all?  There seems to be absolutely no reason present in season 3 that would have dictated a necessity to return.  Originally, I thought that season 3 would exist to punish Paul Spector, and exonerate creater Alan Cubitt from stunningly misjudged accusations that the show was "an invitation to share an extended rape fantasy".  However, after a prolonged third season, there didn't seem to be any evidence to suggest that Paul Spector's fate was better or worse than it would have been had he died at the end of season 2, and yet, we were subjected to almost six hours of hospital beds & (feigned?) memory loss.....hooray for us!


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