When Suicide Squad (2016) opened to widespread critical bashing, there were those who loved the movie, those who hated the movie, and those who fell in the middle of the debate.  My own critical opinion of the movie falls within the neutral to negative camp, being of the opinion that there were things that worked in the movie, mainly Harley Quinn, and things that didn’t, such as the villain, the plot, and the structure of the movie.  I don’t want to get into a long winded debate regarding the structural problems of the film – those debates have been ongoing since the movie’s release, particularly in relation to alternative cuts, deleted scenes, etc… It’s the issue of those deleted scenes that I wanted to explore; mainly in relation to where the characters of Harley and Joker go moving forward in the DCEU.  

The backstory of Harley Quinn was tipped as playing a large part of this movie, being highly publicised in the media, and featuring prominently in the trailers, particularly the chase sequence involving Batman; a scene which is but a few short minutes in the theatrical cut.  It’s obvious that this movie at one point had a much greater emphasis on the Harley/Joker dynamic, particularly the darker side of their relationship.  The version of Suicide Squad that explored the twisted and dark tale of passion, seduction, and madness, that characterises Harley and Joker’s relationship was clearly discarded at some point during post-production in favour of a dark romance.  What we’re left with in the movie is all the positive aspects of their relationship, without any of the psychological manipulation and domestic abuse.

My principle problem with this, beyond the obvious view that it skews the audience’s opinions of their dysfunctional relationship, is that I feel that this backstory will never be fully realised.  Despite the fact that I’m sure the DVD and Blu-ray copies of Suicide Squad will have deleted scenes of Harley and Joker, the fact remained that these are but deleted scenes, and thus not definitely canon in the DCEU.  

When the characters of Harley and Joker reappear in the DCEU, whether that is a Suicide Squad sequel, or a Ben Affleck Batman solo outing, key aspects of their backstory which Suicide Squad clearly explored at some stage, such as Harley falling in love with the Joker, and Harley’s confrontation with the Joker before ACE Chemicals, are unlikely to be revisited again, leaving these facets of their relationship untouched.  It’s unlikely that any subsequent director will use David Ayer’s scenes within their own movie, and so these scenes are likely to remain absent from the DCEU’s canon.

The alternative to this, is to move forward with their relationship staying true to their literary counterparts, whereby their relationship is warped and abusive; and yet, this is problematic too since Suicide Squad did little to set the foundation for their destructive relationship, beyond Joker briefly torturing Harley in Arkham Asylum, a scene easily forgotten by the time the ending rolls around, and Joker rescues Harley from Belle Reve. 



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