In the modern age of superhero movies it's easy to look down at Fox's X-Men movies as somewhat inferior to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as yet, we owe so much to Fox's X-Men movies, particularly Bryan Singer's original two X-Men movies which, along with Sam Rami's Spiderman movies, pioneered the way for all subsequent superhero movies, proving what the genre could accomplish if given the careful and considerate attention it deserved.  I don't think that it's presumptuous to say that without the original X-Men movie, we wouldn't have Marvel Cinematic Universe, nor the large scale presence of superhero properties in general, whether that be movies or television.

That being said, there are numerous lessons to be learned from Fox's Cinematic Universe; lessons that the DCEU should incorporate into their plan moving forward, lest they fall into the pitfalls the X-Men Cinematic Universe ultimately fell into.  

One of the major problems that the X-Men Cinematic Universe clearly suffered from was a lack of foresight, particularly in the planning of subsequent movies, of all which were meant to be tied together; and yet, despite this, there appeared to be very little in the way of forward thinking with X-Men movies.  It has appeared throughout the X-Men movie history that each movie was produced with very little consideration as to what the next movie in the series would be.  There's very little evidence to suggest that X-Men: The Last Stand & X-Men Origins: Wolverine were part of some kind of master-plan by the powers that be at Fox; movies that have more or less be erased through convoluted reasons, or simply ignored.  

While this seems to be an acceptable model for Fox, Warner Bros. DCEU should strive to take pride in continuity and foresight, as Marvel have with their cinematic universe.  As of this moment there doesn't seem to be any kind of grand-vision regarding the trajectory of the DCEU; a vision that may have been there at one point in the form of Synder's vision, but it's highly likely that his "controversial" outlook has been altered since the reception to Batman V Superman, or possibly discarded altogether.

At the moment it seems that Warner Bros. is just throwing a load of stuff at the wall and hoping some of it sticks; nowhere is this more apparent than in the character of Harley Quinn, who, when we left her in Suicide Squad, was reunited with the Joker, in a relationship that was portrayed positively throughout the whole of the movie, a thread that they must now carry forward into the rest of their movies.  And yet, we keep hearing rumours of a Harley Quinn solo movie or a Birds of Prey movie headlined by Harley, highlighting how they really don't know where her character is going, despite seemingly mapping out the trajectory of their cinematic universe until 2020.

If the DCEU continues down this path they risk the prospect of a fragmented universe, akin to the X-Men model, where only the successful movies are considered canon, and I don't think anyone wants that.  A more concrete plan relating to character arcs and the wider plan for the universe is essential to the success of the DCEU, whether that be Zach Synder's vision or an alternative one is irrelevant, but a palpable voice is essential in the success of these movies moving forward; hopefully that voice moving forward will be Geoff Johns, who, in light of Batman V Superman's negative reception, was promoted to Co-Chief of all DC movies.  Hears hoping that Wonder Woman (2017) changes things for the better for the DCEU. 

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