I think it's important to dispel any confusion regarding Suicide Squad: The Extended Cut straight away; in short, does the extended cut improve the movie? NO, definitely not.  

While I was watching the movie I tried to keep track of the additional scenes that had been added to the movie.  Unlike the Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition which improved the movie through explaining some of the movie's logical issues, while adding significant subplots, all the additional scenes I spotted in Suicide Squad were filler scenes, which did little to flesh out the characters, and practically  nothing to improve the movie's ridiculous plot.  Unlike the Batman V Superman Ultimate Cut, where it was glaring obvious that scenes were added to the movie, in the Suicide Squad Extended Cut many of the additional scenes were difficult to spot.  Throughout watching the movie I was wondering "Was that scene in the theatrical cut?" or "Is this a new scene?", and this is a fundamental problem with the extended cut, the additional scenes do nothing to improve the movie, so much so that I found many of them inconsequential.

The primary additions to the movie I spotted were as follows:

1) Slightly extended intro of Killer Croc, with a cameo by director David Ayer

2) Extended interrogation scene between Joker and Harley at Arkham Asylum.

3) Harley attempting to psychoanalyse her fellow squad members

4) Additional dialogue scenes regarding the Squad's plan to kill Rick Flag

5) The motorcycle sequence between Joker and Harley (although, crucially, still not fully realised based on set photos glimpsed during the movie's production)


None of the additional scenes affect the movie in any meaningful way.  It was interesting to get some extra scenes of the Joker and Harley Quinn together, but even this extended cut leaves the impression that there is still tones of material on the cutting room floor; left out in order to present a version of the Joker/Harley relationship that is characterised as dark romance, with none of the abusiveness commonly associated with it.  The extended cut still looks like it's gone through the editorial meat grinder, and some of the new scenes between the squad members accentuate the movie's pacing issues.

Another problem that I had with Suicide Squad on second viewing was that some of the issues I overlooked on my initial view became glaringly obvious on my second view, particularly all the stuff involving the character of Katana.  Everything about her presence in the movie bothers me: her clumsy introduction, all the stuff about her dead husband and her sword which traps souls, dialogue which was laugh out loud stupid in the way that the movie dealt with it.  Her character should not be in the movie, or at least not in the way she was, where her introduction was glossed over, and her motivations were absent all together.

There are still large swashes of material glimpsed in the movie's trailers that remain conspicuously absent from the extended cut, most notably a sequence involving the Joker after the helicopter crash.

What else is there left to say about Suicide Squad?   The movie remains bad, its plot is still among one of the worst I've seen in a major blockbuster in some time (Transformers level of stupidity), the characters behave incoherently within the context of the movie.  It's tough viewing for someone who loves this kind of material, made only bearable by Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, who is the movie's only saving grace in my opinion.


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