Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) is a movie that has intrigued me ever since I first saw it back in March; since then I have seen the movie a further two times, both of which were the movie's far superior Ultimate Cut.  However, despite watching the movie three times, I still don't think the movie is great by any stretches of the imagination, nor do I believe that the movie is anywhere near as bad as some people do.  The movie has saving graces; it is an admirable failure in my opinion.

Some people have told me that I give the movie far too much credit and attention to virtues that, ultimately, do not detract from the movie's overall failure; and while that it true to a point, I still find many of the movie's ideas and philosophies fascinating, even if they are hidden behind the guise of a convoluted narrative. One need look no further then my article:The Problem of Evil in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Jusitce, to see that I've given perhaps too much thought and attention to a movie that I ultimately consider a failure.  Despite this however, many of the movie's themes and ideas still intrigue me enough that I will continue to write about it.

One point that I has interested me ever since I saw the movie in theatres is the question of Prometheus in the narrative.  Movies seldomly mention characters from ancient Greek or Roman mythology without them having relevance to the story; and this got me thinking about the identity of Prometheus within the context of the movie.  During the gala scene about 45mins into the movie, Lex Luthor makes a speech in which he begins by talking about the origins of the word philanthropy, but the speech quickly evolves into a history lesson on the Greek Titan Prometheus, who was punished by Zeus for siding with mankind; the movie positions Prometheus as a heroic figure who fought the will of the gods in order to protect mankind.  Thus, the movie asks us to consider whether we consider Superman or Luthor to be mankind's modern Prometheus.  

The confrontation scene between Superman and Luthor is pivotal in our understanding of how Prometheus, and the battle between gods and men, is represented.  The scene begins with Superman towering high above Luthor, in a manner befitting a god overlooking the realm of man.



And yet, through the progression of the scene that ensues, the camera, which begins by focusing on Luthor looking up at the god-like Superman, moves perspective to Superman, on his knees, looking up at Luthor; highlighting the extent to which Luthor believes he has usurped the power of God - a fact made all the more evident when he creates Doomsday from nothing but his blood and the corpse of Zod (Mmm... Frankenstein is brought to my mind's attention).

Of course Luthor perceives himself as a Prometheus-like figure, battling against a modern day tyrannical Zeus, in the form of Superman; and the movie certainly visualises Superman as a god among men.  And yet, through Superman's sacrifice at the end of the movie, in which he gives his life in order to save mankind from the destructive Doomsday, we perceive his plight in a similar vain to the plight of Prometheus.  Superman's position, as comparable to the all-powerful Zeus, shifts to a comparison with the very human Prometheus during this climatic event.  Superman is not the Zeus of modernity as Luthor, and Batman for a time, think, reigning supremely over the dominion of man (visualised in Bruce Wayne's nightmare sequence); rather, he is mankind's saviour, who pays the ultimate sacrifice through protecting it.

In the same way that Hercules saved Prometheus from his never-ending death at the hands of an eagle that ate his liver at the dawn of every day, it seems that Justice League (2017) will follow some kind of similar format, with the other members of the Justice League serving as Hercules stand ins, attempting to free Superman from his ill-fate.

It seems to that this Promethean rescue arc is the most probable plot for the upcoming Justice League movie; but then again, maybe I'm just overthinking the whole thing.


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