It was revealed this week that a Breaking Bad movie was about to begin shooting in Albuquerque, New Mexico under the working title Greenbrier.  Not much is known about the project yet; although, most rumours seem to centre on the fact that Aaron Paul will reprise his role as Jesse Pinkman, and the two-hour movie will be set after the events of the Breaking Bad series which concluded in 2013, after five incredible seasons. 

This announcement is not the first offshoot of the Breaking Bad universe since the series concluded.  A spin-off prequel Better Call Saul has been airing since 2015, and recently finished its fourth season.  I think for the creative team behind Breaking Bad, primarily Vince Gilligan, the series ended in such a perfect way where all the loose ends were tied up that when it came time to create a show to keep the train going for AMC, the network behind everything, the only place that the creative team could go was backwards to the origins of everyone's favourite crooked lawyer Saul Goodman/Jimmy McGill.  Better Call Saul is a really great show in case you haven't seen it, not the straightforward spin-off you might imagine, much more of a slow-burn, but still a great watch.  However, that said, it does feel at times as though the show is unnecessarily fleshing out the world of Breaking Bad in a manner that makes it feel like filler at times.  For me, as a viewer, the fall of Jimmy McGill into the morally bankrupt Saul Goodman is enough to engage, I don't need to know unnecessary details such as how did Gus Fring build the lab from Breaking Bad, and how did Mike and Gus get into business together?  These were never questions that really intrigued me when I watched Breaking Bad, and while I have thoroughly enjoy the return of the characters, their presence does seem a little like fan service to an audience base, or a creative one, that simply can't let go of these characters; and it's here that we find ourselves at the Breaking Bad movie.

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Much like Walter White and his perverted take on the American Dream, so too does it appear that Breaking Bad may stray into the territory of excess with this upcoming movie.  As of this moment, we have very little details about the movie.  We do know that Vince Gilligan is involved, which is good so at least there's creative integrity behind the project.  We don't know however whether the movie will be a theatrical or a television release, but seeing as though AMC recently announced a series of Walking Dead movies that will air on the network, and AMC also make Breaking Bad, it's a safe bet to assume that this Breaking Bad movie will too be a television exclusive.  The primary problem I have with this is: Do we really need this?  Too much of a good thing that sour your appreciation pretty fast, a lesson many television shows and movie series' have learned, and I don't want that perfect ending of Breaking Bad altered in any way.  We don't need to see what happened to Jesse after he escaped; we, the audience, have decided what happened to him in the years since the show ended; whether he rode happily into the sunset, or suffered from torment because of the events he went through.  I don't see how a two-hour movie will add to the series' ending, but then again, maybe Vince Gilligan has something amazing planned, it's too early to tell yet.  But, for me, and for artistic purity, I think it's best when perfect endings are left alone.  We don't need more Breaking Bad, we don't need another Inception, and we don't need Toy Story 4.  Endings are sad and bittersweet, but they're also important so that we can appreciate everything that's happened up until that point.   

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